A Lifelong Passion for Plants and Gardenscaping

Ever since I was a little kid,  I've always had my hands in the soil, helping out in my parents' vegetable garden, greenhouse, and ornamental gardens. Since then, I continued to cultivate my personal interest in gardening and landscaping at my own home. For ten years I helped manage the family business until a reconnection with a hometown Sarasota girl, who is now my wife, brought me to New York City. While there I developed an interest in and awareness of the growing residential energy efficiency sector and very soon took the opportunity to go to work for one of the leading firms in that field as an account manager helping to market and administer a large energy efficiency program from Con Edison, the major utility company in the city. I learned a lot and was proud of the work I did, but all along was feeling a pull away from my office job toward the outdoors. It was actually a recently-installed green roof at our offices in the Bronx that got me thinking about a change. I began researching the green roof / living architecture movement and came across a Toronto-based organization that offered training and certification. I received my GRP (Green Roof Professional) certification and began looking for a company in the city doing that kind of work.

Around the same time I also began studying horticulture and ornamental gardening at the world famous New York Botanical Gardens. One of my teachers was also working as a landscape designer at New York City's preeminent company, Town and Gardens. She let me know there were opportunities at her company and I soon had an interview with the operations manager and was hired on for a field staff position. I worked hard and learned a lot from the many incredibly talented and knowledgeable gardeners and foremen. I honed my skills and was able to demonstrate my creativity and professionalism on the the job site. After a while I was given the opportunity to manage several high profile residential and commercial sites throughout New York City running small and large crews on new plantings, seasonal change-outs, and maintenance projects. Working on jawdropping penthouse rooftops and in enchanting secluded townhouse backyards for some of the City's most exclusive and affluent residents, my job was to help create and maintain beautiful and inspiring outdoor spaces. It was a challenging work environment, I loved what I did, and enjoyed the collaboration and teamwork I had with everyone at Town and Gardens. Now I want to bring my experience, ideas, and dedication to help you create your ideal outdoor Oasis in Sarasota.    - Seth Stottlemyer

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